About Us

You can Contact us at 386-688-9385

Our factory is located at 2321 W Savannah AVE, Valdosta, GA 31601

Dream Dome Homes came into existence when its Founder, Wayne Hicks, saw an ad for a Chinese-made dome, a 400 sq. ft. tiny home that was being offered at an impossibly low price. Careful research revealed that the ad was a scam which had already conned many people out of money while never delivering anything.

Curious about just how affordably a dome could be built, Wayne sat down to design one and found that, with the proper construction techniques and using better-than-normal materials and building standards, he could build a dome-like house for a surprisingly low cost. That cost was low enough to allow him to provide such homes to people anywhere, making a reasonable but  substantial profit while providing amazing value for the money, and the idea was appealing. When he shared the idea with a couple of friends, they also thought it was a great idea, and initial funding was arranged to build the first few component panels as a proof-of-concept. Further funding came after that point, and Dream Dome Homes was born

Our goal is to make the best possible homes for the most affordable price. To achieve that goal, we are building a company that places quality above profit. Employees will earn a good living wage, and will also share in the profits they generate, and our homes will  be sold at prices that will save every homebuyer thousands of dollars over any other design. Financing should not be difficult for any buyer who owns land on which to place a home, and we are talking with lenders who may offer financing even to those who have little or no credit history.

These homes will be built in such a way as to meet and even exceed International Building Code Requirements, which are acceptable just about anywhere.

Architectural Engineer Carol Chadwick goes to great  lengths to make sure that this is so. She is highly qualified to design the components of a prefabricated home. She is licensed in Florida, Wyoming, and Oregon.


General Manager Branden Stratton will be happy to help you lay out the floor plan you want and help you get the best possible price on the components it will require. Rather than working on commission, which would make him seek the highest price for your home, Branden actually gets a salary and a "bonus" for keeping your price lower.




Purchasing and Procurement Manager Mark McCullers sees to it that every board, screw and sheet of plywood is of the highest quality. All of our materials are purchased from the best sources we can find, and must meet  our exacting standards.






Construction Supervisor Shawn Yingling ensures that each panel is assembled according to those blueprints and is ready for installation in your new home. He is a  highly experienced builder who demands perfection in each component produced  under his watch.








These homes are also ideal for rural or off-grid living, since the components can be transported anywhere for assembly on site. They are readily adapted to off-grid power systems such as solar or wind power, and we will shortly be introducing a fully sustainable wind power system that can provide ample electricity for most of the appliances and devices you would expect to have in your home, including a well pump. This system will be an available option for customers who wish to get off the electric grid.