Each Home Kit consists of a specific number of panels that can be set in place and bolted together to make a house that is stronger by far than conventional stick-built construction. All of our homes come in a width of 30 feet, including the Dream Dome itself. Each 8'X8' panel is framed with 2X6 lumber, including the individual wall studs, giving far greater strength against weather and other events than simple 2X4 walls, and the assembly ties them all together so that they are drawn together under tension; conventional homes simply stack one piece onto another, creating pressure that is sensitive to any movement, but tension construction resists movement from wind, rain, and even earthquakes.

Here are some photos of the framework of a dome, showing just how each level ties into the one below it.

Here's the framework of the second level walls. You can see the inclination of the walls  as they lean toward the center.




Now the third level is added, continuing the flow of the line from the ground level up over the second level and toward the top and center.






Here we see the open center, waiting for the cap.









And here's the basic cap. We should note the the cap can be clad in wood or plexiglas, so that it becomes a central skylight.






This is our production crew putting the cap into place, so that we can show how it all fits together.






And here it is in place.







These images show some examples of how the design comes together. Various door and window options will be made available, so that you can order the kit you want.



The upper central section can be solid like the walls, or skylight sections can be inserted anywhere along  the length of the house. Since the second floor is open to the under-roof, this can provide a lot of light during daytime hours, and allow some peaceful stargazing at night. First floor living areas can also be left open, so skylights there can  be an aesthetic wonder.

We use Velux venting windows on all second floor bedrooms, which can be opened to allow heat to escape and breezes to flow in. They are perfect for use in the upper walls to maintain the design flow and allow maximum light without excessive heat. They can also open wide to allow escape in the event of a fire or other disaster.



The exterior of each home is covered in either a stucco mixture that is sprayed on after the structure is erected, or by a rubberized coating that is designed for industrial roofs and can come in many different colors. Both carry a minimum 50 year warranty.