The Dream Dome

The Dream Dome is a 30'  diameter 12-sided dome. It encompasses two floors and can have up to three bedrooms.

The master bedroom and bathroom are on the 700 square foot ground floor, which also includes a kitchen/living area, a pantry/utility room and two closets. The kitchen and living area are done in an open floor plan style

The second floor is done loft-style, with a staircase that ends above the master bedroom door. This allows the second floor to provide an additional 560 square feet of available living space. This is more than enough for two additional bedrooms and a second bathroom, as well as a common area for television, bookcase, etc. Click to open A-112 FIRST FLOOR PLAN PDF

The Dream Dome comes as a kit that can be assembled by the owner, or by a general contractor. Each wall and roof section arrives prefabricated, with windows and doors ready to install. Interior walls are constructed according to the buyer's layout preferences, in order to provide the final floor plan desired.

With a total of about 1260 sq. ft. of living space, the Dream Dome  is a highly affordable home for most small families, or even for a single person. The upper floor could be used for office space, storage or any number of other purposes.

It could even be laid out as a professional office, a small clinic, or even a diner or other small business. The possibilities are endless, and it can be yours for under $50,000.00. Click to open A-114 SECOND FLOOR PLAN PDF

If this looks like a solution to your own housing problem, we'll be delighted to discuss your options.

The video below shows some ideas of what can be done with this small, innovative home.