The Longhouse

The Longhouse is an easily designed component home that utilizes the same prefab technologies as the Dream Dome, but is built with straight sides. This gives it a "barn-like" appearance, and is likely to be one of the most spacious and comfortable homes you will ever occupy.

As you can see, the walls flow up and over the top, allowing wind and rain to move freely. It can be designed in any length based on multiples of 8 feet, and can be extended with a half-dome on one end, as shown below, or a half dome could be added to both ends.

The one shown here encompasses almost 1500 square feet on the first floor, with a partial second floor that adds another 900 square feet, leaving the space over the front living room open all the way to under-roof, for a Great Room effect.   

This house has three bedrooms, including the Master Bedroom with Master Bath, on the second floor, along with an extra bathroom for the other occupants. A third bathroom is on the ground floor, and is accompanied by a large kitchen and utility/laundry room, a pantry, a formal dining room and spacious living room. The full width front porch is ideal for sitting out on nice summer evenings.

With so much space--a total of over 2400 sq. ft.--this home kit can be yours for under $80,000.00.

Here are a couple of additional views.


Imagine this is your new Longhouse.

Or this one, even more luxurious:

This one is a bit simpler